In addition to our touring productions, we are certified Teaching Artists, extending performance experiences through one time workshops, after school classes, and arts integrated school residencies in drama and opera.

Executive Director Julie Kurzava and Co-Founder Tom Zielinski are certified through the Teaching Artist Institute (TAI) as well has having advanced performance degrees and extensive professional credits. 


Our workshops introduce drama or opera to smaller groups, allowing participants to have a hands on experience of creating a character or singing a story.  Workshops can precede or follow a performance.

Workshop fee: $100 per 1 hour session


Artist in Residence

Educators agree that integrating the arts into classroom curriculum enriches the learning experience for students and deepens their understanding of the core topic. 

Residencies typically begin with an assembly program where the artists demonstrate the art form and engage student interest, followed by 4-5 sessions with each class.

Story Springboard (Grades 2 and up)

This drama residency focuses on building inference and empathy by applying drama skills to literature and creative writing. Students learn how actors create characters and relationships and how conflict and resolution impact a story. By assuming a character’s point of view, students bring the stories to life, drawing inferences about the characters and situations not expressly stated in the text.

Opera is Singing a Story – A Big Song (Grades 3 and up)
By demystifying opera and demonstrating that opera is, at its core, simply singing the story (a Big Song), students actively learn and demonstrate the basic music principles needed to create an opera.  As a culminating event, students sing a story that they’ve adapted from their classroom literature.

Funding Opportunities
New Moon Theater is on the Artists-in-Residence roster of the Maryland State Arts Council and eligible for state matching funds. To apply for funding, schools must submit their application directly to the MSAC in the spring for the upcoming year. You can find more information at the MSAC website Grant applications must be coordinated through New Moon Theater, so please contact us for assistance.

Pricing for residencies varies depending on depending on size and scope. Please contact us for specific details.

After School Enrichment
Since 2007, New Moon Theater artists have led creative drama classes for elementary school students.

Drama classes help students develop their acting tools and skills, focusing on how actors use movement, voice and imagination to create characters. An additional benefit is the opportunity to learn ensemble skills, such as communication and cooperation. Students share what they’ve learned in a short performance of scenes immediately following the final class.

New Moon Theater staff are currently teaching after school classes on site in several Baltimore County schools, so please contact us for more information.


Residencies & Workshops