“This program was the best... we’ve never been disappointed....
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Unexpected Heroes: India Tales

New Moon Founder Julie Kurzava has created another magical journey, this time circling the globe. Tales from the Good Earth shares ageless stories from the four corners of the earth with a focus on appreciation and respect for the natural world. Stories include:

• Spider and the Palm Nut Trees from Liberia, West Africa
• Two Gluscabe Tales from the Abenaki tribe in North America
• The Lake Who Flew Away from Estonia in Northern Europe
• The Lazy Farmer from the Hmong people in Southeast Asia

Told in a broad, theatrical style with all students participating, Tales from the Good Earth is fun and interactive, while encouraging students' connection with the environment. Julie Kurzava has been widely praised by teachers and audiences for her energy and engaging style.

Curriculum Connections: This program is highly interactive, imaginatively drawing students into the stories. Classroom connections include the study of geography, ecology, and cultural awareness.

Grades K-5
Duration: 45 minutes
Maximum audience: 250 people
Fee: $400 single/$600 back-to-back

Tales from the Good Earth