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New Moon Theater is funded by an operating grant from the Maryland State Arts Council, an agency dedicated to cultivating a vibrant cultural community where arts thrive.

Learning through imagination.
Bringing live theater and opera to you!

Welcome to New Moon Theater!

New Moon Theater is a touring theater and opera company based in Baltimore, Maryland. Founded in 2006, our artists are dedicated to bringing exciting, imaginative live performances directly to children and family audiences, making art a part of their everyday lives.

Our performances create cultural connections through worldwide folklore, illuminate regional history, and introduce children to opera. In schools, New Moon Theater productions enhance school curriculum and take learning beyond the traditional classroom environment.

New Moon Theater is unique in our ability to bring both professional theater and opera to young audiences in schools and public venues throughout the region. Our interactive style encourages children to take an active part in our performances, while our educational programs allow us to share our passion for the performing arts at a deeper level with students.

New Moon Theater is proud to be a creative partner with Port Discovery Children’s Museum, Since 2011, New Moon Theater has been creating and performing theatrical pieces as part of the museum’s STEM and Art outreach in urban schools.